We consist of a team of dedicated individuals, with vast collective experience in steel frame construction locally and internationally. In 2008 we launched a last generation line of production dedicated to the production of lightweight steel framing for residential developments.


The lightweight steel framing now locally produced is part of a constructive system, complete with cladding, fixture, thermo, hydro, acoustic insulation and finish solutions.

Compared to a classical building, our system is based on technology and the precise factory fabrication of each assembly or subassembly component, to exact specification in its final form, ready for delivery to site .

From other steel framing producers is the advanced production line, which thanks to its computerized capability can produce each component sequentially, within precise tolerances, in its final form, without waste and at great speed. So it is possible to produce a complete structure in 4-6 hours. High precision and sequential numbering of each component allows on site installations within 5-7 days without additional processes (such as cutting or drilling)


We can provide steel frame assembly services for the client or on site assembly training for the builders, constructors, developers.

We support the product through local structural design and verification services .

We can assist with full building services throughout the building process through collaboration with approved construction companies .

The result, a qualitatively superior building system, greater strength with reduced weight, speed in execution and savings in your pocket .